Getting A Beautiful Smile Is Easier Than You Think

Smile makeovers aren’t just for movie stars. They’re easier than you probably think! Every person’s makeover is different from the next. What one person needs changed about their teeth isn’t the same that their friend does. Because of this, smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry expand into a wide variety of services and treatment aspects… making it achievable for just about anyone.

In general, cosmetic dentistry can be used to influence the appearance of restorative dental procedures like tooth-colored crowns, fillings, or bonding. These treatments repair the function of the tooth as well as appearance. Eliminating metals from crowns and fillings make them look better in the mouth, bond more closely with the tooth, and less invasive.

Traditionally, cosmetic dentistry focuses on treating just the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, and is in full force due to more and more adults finding the benefits that a beautiful smile has to offer. Truthfully, people with beautiful, healthy smiles are more likely to smile more often, have more friends, and even be more successful in their careers. Investing in a beautiful smile pays for itself.

What types of cosmetic treatments do most people use? One of the simplest forms is whitening, a process that naturally lifts years of stain from enamel. Bonding uses tooth-colored material to re-shape and repair teeth with gaps or chips. Tooth-colored fillings and crowns not only look good, they also repair the tooth. Veneers provide one of the most dramatic impacts on smiles…they can correct the appearance of teeth that are crowded, misshaped, crooked, or gapped.

What’s holding you back? A complimentary consultation with Dr. Chan can give you the opportunity to find out what cosmetic options work well for your individual needs, and be tailored to your budget.