Straightforward TMJ Therapy and Pain Elimination

TMJ disorders can cause chronic pain not only in this essential joint, but through the head, neck, and shoulders. The inability toTMJ Therapy open or chew comfortably can make everyday life difficult, if not miserable. Dr. Christopher Chan has the skill and experience that allows him to provide therapeutic, non-invasive TMJ therapy to his patients.

Centric Relationship

The alignment of the jaws and teeth during use or rest greatly affect the strain placed on the joint and surrounding tissues. Just the slightest deviation occurring on a repetitive basis can cause irreversible damage to the bone, ligament, and disc of the TMJ. By correcting the relationship of the jaws and movement of the joint, pain and discomfort can be eliminated and prevented.

One of the ways this is achieved is by implementing the use of bite splints. A bite splint guides the jaw into a predesignated position so that the relationship of the jaws are no longer strained and allow for recovery of the joint and surrounding areas. When worn during sleep, or particularly stressful times of the day (such as driving during rush hour), patients can benefit from TMJ recovery and pain elimination. Dr. Chan can also custom create a snore guard for TMJ patients who also suffer from sleep apnea, allowing for treatment of both disorders at once!