Your Sacramento Dentist

What could a dental visit possibly have in common with Disneyland? If you are a patient at Crown Dentistry in Sacramento, you already know – it’s fun!

Add a little bit of relaxation, mind-blowing technology, and the comfort of a personal touch, and you have one terrific smile experience.

Celebrate Comfort

We think dentistry should never be something you just endure – it should be something you enjoy! And it should be convenient and comfortable too. Kids and adults alike enjoy the lively atmosphere

  • Busy professionals appreciate the ease of one-visit, computer-generated CEREC restorations
  • Everyones love the smile restoring power of dental implants
  • Anyone who has ever been nervous about seeing the dentist is calmed and soothed by our incredible sedation options

Get Personal

Fun, comfort, and technology aren’t the only features of our practice. We believe that care should be tailored to meet your needs as an individual so that your smile is exactly what you want it to be.

This is what our core values – Honesty, Quality, and Family – are all about!

You can be sure that you will be treated to an honest answer, a complete picture of your health, and a treatment plan. We focus on making your teeth both strong and attractive with a comprehensive, whole-body approach for total health. We make sure that every member of your family is treated with compassion and excellence. It’s true… and it all adds up to a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy.

Leave Happy

We want you to leave our office feeling relaxed, healthy, and renewed – every visit. If this sounds like the dentistry you have been looking for, give us a call today!