Natomas Cosmetic Dentistry

A Great Smile Can Go a Long Way

Your mouth should be healthy and look great! The way your smile looks affects the way other people see you, your first impressions, and even the success of your career. Numerous studies have been shown to indicate that the more someone smiles, and the more beautiful their smile is, the more other people want to be around them and the greater their chance is to receive job assignments or even promotions.

Not only do we implement cosmetic treatment into our routine care services, but we also tailor care that is strictly cosmetic in nature. Doing so allows us to improve the way our patients look and boost their self-esteem.

Full Mouth Restoration Services Sacramento & Woodland

Aging restorations, missing or broken teeth, and tooth decay can enlist the need of many restorative steps to return the mouth to a disease free state. A full mouth restorative case assesses the needs of the entire mouth, tooth by tooth, and gives the patients options to combine different types of treatments to make their entire mouth healthy once again.

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Sacramento & Woodland

Our Sacramento dental office is proud to be a Certified provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen… the world’s most advanced clear aligners. With these clear dental aligners, we can easily correct crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, or generally straighten out a crooked smile discreetly and in substantially less time than traditional braces.

Teeth Recountouring Treatment Sacramento & Woodland

Misshapen teeth or irregular edges can create a dramatic impact on the appearance of a smile, but they don’t necessarily have to be hard to correct. Smoothing uneven edges or correcting small chips in the teeth can create a uniform smile that looks straighter and healthier.

Dental Bonding Treatment Sacramento & Woodland

Bonding is useful for closing small gaps, repairing broken edges of teeth, or even covering up small irregularities in tooth enamel, such as exposed root surfaces. The material is matched to the shade of the enamel, allowing it to blend in and look like a normal part of the tooth.

Smile Teeth Whitening Treatment Sacramento & Woodland

Tea, coffee, sodas, wine, or tobacco products are all classic examples of things that can cause our smiles to darken over time. Porous enamel can harbor so much stain that the teeth begin to appear aged. We offer in-office ZOOM! Whitening as well as customized take-home whitening treatments; all of which remove years worth of stain and make smiles appear several shades lighter.

Porcelain Dental Veneers Sacramento & Woodland

Dental veneers correct the appearance of crowded, uneven, misshapen, or irregularly sized teeth. Each porcelain veneer is placed over the front of the natural tooth, creating the illusion of a brand new, functional tooth. Several veneers placed at a time can provide some of the most dramatic cosmetic changes possible.