Natomas General Dentistry

Everything You Need at One Dental Office

Everyone’s dental care should begin with comprehensive care and a focus on disease prevention. Dr. Chan implements several steps into our general and preventive care services to improve the oral health of his patients as well as reduce complications from other conditions. From healthy mouths to patients experiencing chronic gum disease, we’ll be by your side with a care plan that is tailored to improve the health of you as a whole person.

Comprehensive Dental Exams Sacramento

We assess many areas of our patients’ mouths including: their bite, screening for decay, and function of their oral structures. Dr. Chan uses an intraoral camera to show patients his findings. This technology allows them to participate in the diagnosis process and decisions on any treatment they may need.

Oral Cancer Screening Treatment Sacramento & Natomas

Screening for oral cancer is an important step we take at every preventive care appointment. Oral cancer is greatly on the rise among younger adults; not only due to alcohol or tobacco use, but also to risk factors like HPV. Early diagnosis improves the rate of successful care.

Digital Dental X-Rays Services Sacramento & Natomas

Digital radiographs allow patients to experience less radiation, shorter appointment times, and the ability to view their images on-screen during their visit. This improves the communication process related to discussing oral care needs with our patients.

CEREC Services Sacramento & Natomas

CEREC is a computer-designed restorative technique that allows treatments such as crowns, inlays, or onlays to be completed in just a single appointment. There’s no need to make two separate treatment visits or wear temporary restorations. This 3D imaging and on-site milling technology takes a virtual impression of the prepared tooth and creates a permanent crown during the very same visit. We feature the use of the CEREC Omnicam for the most advanced 3D scanning in your own natural color shades. This lets us fix a dental emergency, or something about your smile that may have bothered you for years, in a single appointment.

Natomas & Sacramento Dental Hygiene Treatment

Gentle, thorough cleanings allow our hygienists to remove calcified bacteria from the surface of the teeth, reducing gum disease and bone loss. Our hygienists use sonic Cavitron instruments to vibrate buildup and plaque biofilm away from the teeth quickly and easily.

Gum & Periodontal Disease Treatment Sacramento & Natomas

Gum disease causes more cases of adult tooth loss than tooth decay. Our periodontal treatment program uses sonic instruments to conduct deep cleanings that eliminate the harmful bacteria that causes bone loss. Treatments can be completed without the use of injections, thanks to Oraqix, which is a new form of topically-applied anesthetic that results in partial to full numbness for most patients. If localized areas of severe infection persist, a site-specific antibiotic capsule will be used to eradicate bacteria.

Fluoride Treatment Sacramento & Natomas

Topical fluoride helps restore necessary nutrients into tooth enamel and prevent the likelihood of developing decay. It can also be used to treat or prevent chronic tooth sensitivity. We offer fluoride varnish to all children up to the age of 14, and is available to all adults at their preventive care appointments.

Sacramento & Natomas Dental Nightguards Treatment

Is chronic grinding or clenching causing headaches or even severe tooth wear? Grinding may be irritating to you or your spouse, but it can be avoided. Our custom nightguards prevent grinding and place the mouth in a resting position that eliminates muscle pain commonly found in people with bruxism (grinding).

Dental Emergency Care Sacramento & Natomas

Our goal is to see patients as soon as possible should they be experiencing a dental emergency; definitely no later than 48 hours after the problem has occurred. We invite our patients to call us any time and let us know what concerns they have. Messages will be returned in a timely manner.