Dental FAQ

What insurance do you accept?

We love helping patients keep their dentistry affordable and are always ready to help you maximize your insurance benefits! We accept Delta and Aetna.

How long will I have a temporary crown?

You won’t have a temporary at all, if we can help it! We have invested in the CEREC system to measure and create your beautiful and durable crown on the same day!

What type of fillings do you offer?

We use only safe and attractive composite filling material to restore and repair smaller cavities, and gorgeous CEREC porcelain for larger filling needs. Our composite fillings are fast, comfortable, and absolutely beautiful because we use SonicFill composite. SonicFill is a true, single step filling method using material that flows into the cavity, providing effortless placement with superior adaptation.

Can you put me to sleep?

Dr. Chan is DOCs certified to offer you oral conscious sedation, a straightforward way to help you relax without the medications used in a hospital. Instead, you will be given a prescription strength sedative to take an hour before your appointment. Because of the wonderfully relaxing effects of the sedative, you will be asked to have someone drive you to and from your appointment. We also offer nitrous oxide for your convenience.

Learn more about sedation dentistry.

Do you do implants?

We both place and restore implants right here in our convenient and comfortable office so you can smile, eat, and enjoy life to the fullest again! Read more about our implants.

What cosmetic services do you offer?

We offer a full range of cosmetic dental services so you can discover the beauty and confidence of a healthy, radiant smile. From complete smile makeovers to simple smile whitening, we have it all!

How often should I get x-rays with my dental checkup?

The frequency of your check-ups and x-rays depends on the health of your mouth… and your body! We recommend more frequent check-ups for those who are pregnant, taking certain medications, have diabetes, or suffer from an immune deficiency. We are here to keep you healthy and happy, so we recommend that we see your teeth at least twice a year, but much more frequently when there is a problem.