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“What’s My Dentist Mean When Talking About Occlusion?”

woman and dentist examine x-ray

During your appointments at our Sacramento dental office, you may have heard your dental team talk about “occlusion”, and you may have thought to yourself, “What are they talking about?” Basically, occlusion is just a dentist’s way of describing the way your top teeth come in contact with your bottom teeth when your mouth is… Read more »

Lockjaw vs. Jaw Lock: Are They The Same Thing?

jaw lock

Lockjaw and jaw lock are two very similar terms that could mean two very different things. While both insinuate the jaw becoming stuck, or ‘locked,’ and both can have similar symptoms, only one is actually related to dentistry. At my Sacramento dental office, we want to explain the difference between the two. Lockjaw Many times… Read more »